Visiting in December

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Re: Visiting in December

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Our first visit to Barbados was in 1992, staying on the South Coast at Asta Beach on every visit. We have been back every year since then apart from 2011 and are due back in December this year. I cant wait, the island, the hotel, the fabulous people, the food, the drink, the entertainment, the weather (even the rain, we all need some)the hospitality and I could go on forever,make Barbados the biggest addiction in our lives and my husband is from Jamaica.

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Re: Visiting in December

Post by Calvin »

Barbados is the best. You are sure to get nice weather, even if it rains it doesn't last long. Why go on vacation and have to wonder if the weather is going to be nice, go to Barbados and you will get nice weather. The trade winds give you a nice breeze and the water is just the right temperature. You couldn't ask for nicer people. The bajans will welcome you as if you are a long lost brother. Its the best and I look forward to going there every winter. We (my wife and children)will be at Cunset crest on December 20th. If anyone on this site will be there then let me know. I would like to meet you and have a few good laughs & drinks. Anyone who travels a lot and is looking for the right spot,it's Barbados.

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Re: Visiting in December

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The plantation is long gone, the building has been torn down and now it looks like condos are being built there, but yes it had some really good memories for many people.

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Re: Visiting in December

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Best Beach On The Island Is Paynes Bay!!!!!!!!!!! Don't leave without trying flying fish & pepper sauce & wash it down with a Banks Beer. The Jolly Roger is a lot a fun & make sure you try the rum punch. Also you a visit to one of the rum shops is a must.... (don't be intimidated by the Appearance) the owners are friendly. For good fresh ripe fruit, try the fruit stand @ Sunset Crest.

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Re: Visiting in December

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Our first trip to Barbados was in 1998 on our honeymoon. Barbados was the finest of 7 islands that we saw on that trip. We bought a timeshare that year at Sand Acres Beach Club Christ Church and have been back 9 times since.. Now we can stay as long as we want and visit with our Bajan friends! Barbados is mystical and truly a paradise on earth. Our souls long to be back for a lime over at Bougainvillea. Barbados with its beautiful people, weather, and surroundings is far better than Kauai in Hawaii and worth the distance to get there! Make that Bajan connection today!!

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Re: Visiting in December

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I love Barbados, it’s one of the most unique Caribbean islands, with a distinct and rich English and African culture. Everything the customs, culture, its people and traditions are as colourful as the personalities, all focused on embracing life and happiness. My family and I will be visiting in December.

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Re: Visiting in December

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Lana Gomez wrote:
Mon Aug 06, 2018 6:30 pm
Jefferson wrote:
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I haven't seen a Moke in years, I don't think they are available anymore.
Just be cool. No fuss, No worry. No one's in a hurry. When the February winds and the winter chill just won't leave alone. Get the first plane out of Toronto, 5 hours and you are in heaven. We love you lots. Owen & Suzanne
I hope your stay was super!

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