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*** I AM A SONG ***

I am a song,
How is that?
When, I can’t even sing.
But listen,
Silently, quietly and patiently to the beat of my heart,
The rhythm of my breathing.
The open and close of the valves of my heart,
As my life blood goes to and fro – through each ventricle.

Can you hear it?
When I speak?
The melodious arrangement of my words?
The smoothness of my speech,
Like the wind sounds sweetly blowing through a flute?

I am a song!
Without words!
Yet I speak without speaking.
And sing ***yes sing *** I sing!
When I walk *** the wind whispers,
To every shuffle of the feet;
The song of my soul.

My song goes forth by day as the sun rises in the morning.
It returns in the evening ***
To be sung again!
No matter the tune,
I am still a song!
To be sung, even to me
Even though I don’t hear it.

I am a song – to sing,
To praise,
To love,
To rejoice,
To be glad,
To share,
To care
To give to those who have forgotten their song;
To give them hope to sing their song again.

Will you but sing my song?
What is it you ask?
Eyes close ….listen,….listen,….listen…
Can you hear it…….?
It sings with every heart-beat.
Not by hour nor by minutes;
But, by every second that I breathe.

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